The small percentage of people who have excessive wealth have lost touch with the realities of everyday life for most people. Barbra Streisand cloned her dog for $50 thousand, Bill Gates bought Da Vinci’s personal journal for $30 million, Jay Leno has more than $50 million invested in his car collection. Though many of these extremely wealthy people have worked from the ground up, it is easy to see past their credentials and only acknowledge their rewards. This body of work is a humorous exaggeration of life for the outrageously Rich. It portrays odd solutions to minor daily tasks and destructive activities that only affect the lower and middle class.

Trevor is a freelance Illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York with a demonstrated history in Media, Publishing, and Television. His work ranges from light-hearted to daunting, executed with an array of visual styles. Other than making art, Trevor enjoys spending time with his amazing partner, binge watching B-list horror films, and collecting rare artist books.

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