Kristine Wathne

Kristine Wathne

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"While walking around seeking subjects and objects to shoot, while feeling the winter darkness sneeking up on an old depression, the bright strong flash from my camera is lighting up the scenes. 

Shooting everything from portraits of people on the streets, to some pee in a mug in my room (it was too cold to go outside to the outhouse where I was staying). Our Norwegian winters can be and
feel a little harsh and grotesque. But its not like many think - We actually have warm, sunny summers, but it seems like the winter is comes up as a big shock up on us every single year. Maybe we displace our polar nights.  

I've created the documentary series «Brain Cooler» with an selection of images that are bright and a little cheerful with a light touch of melancholy. Brain Cooler showcases our everyday life up north in my currently very cold city, Trondheim."

See Wathne's full series for FORM here.

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