The idea for the work of the Zurich Photographer was born in Berlin. Nora Dal Cero’s visual language references painting and moves in the area of tension between the single compositions: food, material and light.
Her presentations put foods into the spotlight. Clear forms like shadows, contrasts and colorfulness are consciously used as stylistic elements. The formal visual language is interrupted by carefully placed details. Individual elements are purposely used to create connections and break forms. The reduced frames stand in contrast to the lively and organic nature of foods. The thoroughly composed visual language leaves room for sensuality and a playful handling of natural forms.

Nora Dal Cero is a photographer based in Zurich. She is of Swiss, Italian and British extraction and was raised both in Switzerland and Spain. Her studio work is specialized in food photography and the visual staging of fashion, however, as a freelancer there are no limits to her categories: from the landscapes of rural Namibia to the architectural treasures of Tokyo - she is always on the lookout for the perfect picture.

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