Our lives are surrounded by disposable things. Society creates the paths for the kingdom of the non-essential. We think we act freely but, instead, we follow those guides without knowing, still believing we are necessary, when the truth is that this world doesn’t consider us such. To hide this truth, expectations are created: false myths, icons, dreams, standards of beauty and behavior, a world where we become objects. The disposables. We are put in boxes, organized and piled up, until we are useful. We are just shapes that last an instant. At the end, fortunately, we are important at least for ourselves.


Nicolò Canova is a painter, illustrator and visual artist based in Turin, Italy. He studied illustration at the International Academy of Comics. He explores the creative and visual world through different materials, techniques and subjects, always focused on the relationship between the inner and outer world and their continuous dance of cause and effect. 

"There are stories, experiences, emotions beyond every moment, but time is always hiding them. We can't see through the eyes what lies behind. We can only imagine some colored fragments of what there is inside a person, as if each color was an emotion or an action. I paint because I try to have a clearer vision of things and relations, discovering hidden stories and evoking those inner emotions through brushstrokes of color."

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