With my visual interpretation of the word Split, I wanted to explore the internal divisions that all of us carry inside. It’s something we often overlook but each of us hold many different sides or versions of our own distinct personalities. It doesn’t mean that we are schizophrenic, but rather we do minor adjustments depending on what we are doing, who we are talking to, what the context of our social interaction is.
We are one way in our work environment, another way in our family environment, and yet another on our social circles. To channel this idea, I put together a very particular group of people: artists who have jobs that have nothing to do with their art. Actresses, Photographers, Video Jockeys, Craftsmen. Each of them splitting their time between their day job and their work as artists.
The photographs have zero post-production. The method I used was a type of pitch black portrait with a slow shutter speed. I would have the subjects sit on the studio floor which was in complete darkness, and then I would hit them with very strong flash lights from various vantage points. Each flash would be a photo in and of itself.

I gave the subjects little to no direction, as I wanted them to just relax and find themselves comfortable to do whatever they wanted to. Some would move a lot and try very different things with each flash, others would sit super still.
Even though the process was always the same, the results were completely different with each of them, as they would each react very differently to the mechanism.

Monty Kaplan is a photographer and an ex-film editor and director from Argentina. He is currently based between NYC and Buenos Aires. Photography became the answer to his frustrations from the film industry because it is so simple and immediate. There’s an autonomy to it. Kaplan believes that the only constant is change, and he shows this in his work. Photography is all about capturing a certain mood, but “being as I am bipolar, and as a result, a pretty eclectic person, so too is my work.” Kaplan strives to document what he sees with his camera, and then process them in a way that heightens his personal view.

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