The very fascination and inspection of surface procures the thought of saturation, resonance, and complexity. Creating this work allows me to allude to an image rich in history, an aggregate surface subjected to the augmentation of mark-making. The excavation of these images admits the manipulation and translation of line, color, and form. Each layer seems to disprove or negate the one before, to obscure or hide the very route that got us there, leaving only the finished image, which in turn is comparable to our own personal history.

In 2014 Michael Rahn received his BFA from Oklahoma State University with an emphasis in Painting and Printmaking. He has previously exhibited work in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Washington D.C., and New York. Rahn currently works as a professional printmaker at Universal Limited Art Editions in New York. Due to his immersion within the discipline of printmaking, Rahn’s paintings and drawings become organically informed with the techniques and processes of etching.

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