The theme ‘Disposable’ I took very literally. I have always been fascinated with the things that people deem disposable. In my local area of Easton in Bristol, United Kingdom, there is a culture of disposing unwanted items and leaving them out for the taking. This act of donating to the ‘street’ is something that I find very interesting. We live in a world where if we don’t want something it goes in the bin to either be recycled or spend its remaining years at the bottom of a rubbish pile. This culture of sharing means that things can be passed on and adds to the community spirit. I myself have salvaged many items that have been left behind by the previous owner. This project celebrates the unwanted items of many households and tries to promote this concept of sharing instead of disposing.

Louis Higgins is a photographer living and working in Bristol, UK. His documentary style explores the many social and political facets of urban landscapes. Using the medium of film, he studies his subjects’ identities and movements within their varied social contexts.

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