There is so much happening in the world right now that we often forget what we already have. The idea of the ‘disposable’ reminded me of that one day when I was hanging out with my friends. For some reason, I stopped and looked at each and every one of them. Smiles on their faces, laughing at bad jokes and dancing without a care in the world. I wished I could have stayed in that moment forever because I knew what was about to come. We were all going to different schools and us having so much fun, was as if we were all protesting to whatever that was ineludibly impending.

Thus, I seek to protest against the ephemerality of indispensable moments and to argue that if we grapple onto them, they can remain indelibly etched in our minds, leaving an imprint on our lives. Through the integration of digital and film media and varied styles, I hope the different fleeting moments that I had captured present a potent argument against the idea of time and irrelevance, as ultimately all that matters are what lies and remains in our hearts.

Lauren Ong is an aspiring artist who just recently found her way back to the artistic world. Currently completing her undergraduate studies in Singapore, Lauren believes that an artist is a sum of their experiences. With a set of fresh eyes and hands, she sets to test the conventions of art and its various forms as she learns more about the world around her.

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