The ‘poetry of the banal’ has always triggered my interest. During a visit to Canada it surprised me that there are so many public phone booths available. All of them in pristine and working order. Not only in the major cities, but also in places more remote. I was there for a month and the phone booths were everywhere! How do these people call? I don’t know, because I havent seen anybody using them.... maybe there are like a million spies in Canada using the phone booth to make their dead drops...

It’s beautiful to see all these obsolete machines hanging there, like props from an 80’s movie. I decided to zoom in on them and take a picture every time I saw one. I used the contact sheets to make ‘collage’ visuals and to make a scrapbook as a remembrance and a romantic ode to machines that saved so many relationships.

Kris De Smedt is a photographer from Ghent, Belgium. After an education at KASK ghent, FAMU and Transmedia Brussels, he established himself as a fashion photographer.

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