The idea was birthed from experiencing life where a “home” was never necessarily concrete. The concept of a home was nonexistent, almost poetically - in a way that my life is always somewhat nomadic, driven not by fear but by vulnerability and openness to change. I had left my hometown 6 years ago and haven’t really been home a lot. Whenever I do, which is really once every two years, everything has changed. The furniture’s moved. My brother has moved into my room. The entire city seems foreign. This project reflects exactly how I feel about my hometown. What I had wished would have been permanent seemed more disposable.

Kanya Iwana is a Los Angeles-based multi-media artist / storyteller born and raised in Indonesia. She finished her studies in the Performing Arts in 2014 and Filmmaking in 2017, where she had learned to execute her passions. Her recent photography project, "I Don't Fit In: PHASE 1.0" received international critical acclaim.

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