I distill ZOOM into three interpretations: Introspection, Time, and Motion. Each piece is designated to a category based on what element is most strongly represented, but all three aspects are present throughout. ZOOM is dynamic and exploratory, a muted momentum. It’s celebratory and castigating, like picking zits and wasting energy.


Whether it’s physical examination or thoughtful contemplation, the relationship to the self is magnified and occasionally contorted.


Your 5 minutes is actually 3 hours, but a second is excruciating. Relativity expands and contracts, a gelatinous blob or a camera lens.


Literal movement implies action, but not necessarily awareness. And now my shirt is stained.


Isabel Stub is an artist, filmmaker, writer, and English teacher currently based in South Korea. She studied Contemporary Culture and Creative Production at New York University. She is inspired by yucky muck and bad dreams.

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