When we were asked to think about the theme Disposable, we were a little bit scared because it seemed to be far from our usual research. But then the idea of cut flowers came to mind and we began a series which we care so much about now. Focusing on cut flowers - beautiful objects which because of their beauty are cut and begin to die within a few days – we reflect upon the concept of disposable when applied to a living creature, a cruel aspect of the world. The metaphor of faded beauty shows how this is a concern felt by human beings as well. Humans, too, when they are born are cut from their mother’s belly and start their life in the right moment when they begin dying. As they grow old, they feel more and more the anguish of decay and degradation. “All Beauty Must Die” is shot in polaroid. Instant film let us capture single moments of life, decay and death of these flowers, whose trace no longer remains.
6.Zantedeschia Spreng - 13 days to die copy.jpg

Erresullaluna and Chuli Paquin are based in Parma, Italy and have lived and worked together since 2012.

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