Form to me is endless. Form is everything and nothing. Taking my idea and forming the model, styling and hair/makeup - shaping it into a story. Shadows in the bright sunlight. The shape of a dress. Every pose. Every expression. Paint dripping. Cutting shapes. Painting forms. Everything is form and creates the whole image.

Model: Sara Grace Kelley 

Hair: Noelle Breckenridge 

Makeup: Shaylinn Barlow

Styling: Kristin Sherer


Erika Astrid is an artist and photographer based in Portland. She specializes in editorial fashion. She interested in the space where her photography meets the realm of abstract painting.

From the artist: 
   I believe the energy of a photo shoot lends itself to the images. I want to capture the true complexity and emotional state of my models, and ultimately myself. I am attracted to breaking the archetype and expanding our idea of beauty.
   I love working with a team of individuals who all bring a part of their soul to the table. I believe it leads to the unexpected and the original. I always strive to foster a dynamic that is both relaxed and inspiring, a creative space for everyone involved to grow.
   Painting is a major outlet for me, and an inventive tool within my photography. My finished pieces often involve a few sessions of collaging, acrylic, and oil layered over the printed images. The result is a dimensional piece of art that is truly my own.

See more of Astrid's work on her website and Instagram. // SHOP Astrid's VISCERAL8 prints here.