The word “form” could bring to mind a myriad of different ideas to every different person.  To some, it could mean the form of their dance moves, to others it could simply mean seeing shapes.  For me, “form” has not only a direct correlation to the body, but the clothing on that body, as well as the surroundings. Walking through life I am constantly picturing my surroundings as something to put into my portfolio; I am always wanting to shoot this and that.  For this shoot, form and details were key.  From the star-shaped earrings, the negative space of the sand dunes, and the way Ginx’s hair flowed seamlessly with the backdrop, everything worked perfectly.  When planning a shoot, the clothes are what inspire me.  The way they form the body, how they blend into the location, I love every part.

Model: Ginx Hudgins 

Stylists: Rachel Murray and Lian Najarian 

Emma Craft is a 21 year old photographer studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design working towards a B.F.A. in photography with a minor in fashion photography. Emma's muse is someone out of touch with reality, a dreamer, which she often creates and introduces through her lens.

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