Brief moments of interaction with all kinds of materials, forms and shape. Three friends that like to play.

The following project is a collaboration between Elo Vázquez, Bea Bascuñán & Albert Jornet. 


Elo Vázquez (b.1983 in Sevilla, Spain) likes hiding behind a camera. Her work has been widely exhibited both printed and online. She is currently living between Spain and Iceland, teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

See more of Vázquez's work on her website and Instagram. // SHOP Vázquez's VISCERAL8 prints here.

Bea Bascuñán & Albert Jornet are graphic designers, screenprinters (Barba Silkscreen Atelier) and publishers (Publications for Pleasure). Bea Bascuñán and Albert Jornet work in several projects at the same time developing all of these disciplines. They love multidisciplinary projects and collaborating in all kind of creative fields.