I interpreted “Quirk” to be a type of juxtaposition, imperfection, and/or ephemerality. I wanted to draw attention to these “quirks,” because I wanted them to be noticed as little moments of beauty. These 8 photographs were selected from 8 different rolls of film shot between the months of January and June 2017. They were unplanned, a result of daily walks, bike rides, and quiet, unstaged observations.

Ding Ren was born in a small Chinese village along the Yangtze River.  At age 3 her family immigrated to the United States where she grew up.  In 2010 she moved from Washington, DC to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and has been living there ever since.  Instead of physical roots to a place, Ren finds her roots in her photographic practice, which has been a constant part for most of her life.  She continues to work mainly with analogue processes because it is where she began her photographic journey and wants to remain.

Her work has been exhibited in the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, the Philippines, China, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, South Korea, the UK, and Poland.

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