The ‘split’ I see in Lhawang’s clothing is her confidence to cut, tear and expose. Her garments feel like deconstructions of sports jerseys or army uniforms left with the evidence of undone stitching. She combines the pleated school girl skirt with track pants. The final pieces float between traditional boundaries of gender and identity. The uniforms of the athlete, cheerleader, soldier, boy-scout and pageant girl are all combined within her design. Lhawang makes clothing that is obviously eye-catching but ultimately her goal is to make people feel good with the playful quality of her clothes. She explains, “I just want people to feel happy and think of love when they see the outfits. Because that’s how I felt when I first made the pants, just pure happiness and love. The pants are also a good example to always keep pushing yourself and learn from mistakes. The plain white muslin pants were the prototype and the other two were made after. Mistakes can be beautiful too.

Collaboration with Lhawang Dolma Toronto based Fashion Design Student

Photography and Creative Direction by Clea Christakos-Gee

Styling and Clothing Design by Lhawang Dolm

Clea Christakos-Gee is a Toronto based photographer currently completing her BFA in Photography Studies at Ryerson University. Her work explores the female experience, portraiture, the linear relationship she feels with the women in her family, and the transforming phase of adolescence. Clea also works with mixed-media and often incorporates collage in her image-making.

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