Richness is the ability to find satisfaction by existing within the constructs of our own freedom. It is the sustenance of a lifestyle that sits at the intersectional trade-off point between happiness and self-defined freedom. We understand this as having enough to sustain ourselves—unbeholden to wages received by selling our time and hands for the betterment that is not directly our own. Or, perhaps, the ability to work a more consuming job to afford luxuries that accommodate our happiness in other ways. Through my work, I aim to amplify the duality of this spectrum by highlighting fixtures of the realities that are disentangled from societal torments; that find satisfaction by existing within the constructs of their own freedom.

Ariel lives and works in New York City, by way of Tampa, Florida. Her work carefully and thoughtfully breaks contrived execution by showcasing the complexities of the emotional basis that colors human behavior. She is currently working in digital forms to capture feelings of anxiety, longing, and sadness. Previous works were displayed at Artsy Window’s “This Hair. This Skin. This Body.” and in the Minetta Review.

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