When I see the word “disposable” I immediately start thinking about the definition, synonyms, and the disposable spheres we navigate in our daily lives. Disposable can be defined as an item that is meant to be only used once, then thrown out, an individual place or thing that can be dismissed, or forgotten, or an item that there are an abundance of, and therefore expendable.
I wanted to explore the versatility and pervasivity of disposability in our every day lives. People, animals, life, relationships, objects, places, ideologies, moments, time, feelings- are all fleeting and temporary. Some things are disposable by nature, a physical body may only live once. Some things are made disposable, and only exist as so in perspective. Social marginalization is the abandonment and disposing of people, and social experiences that a group has deemed less than, not fitting into the norm, strange. Religion is thrown out in disbelief and hypocritical actions. Childhood fades into adulthood. Memories are held in the semiotics of objects and places we played with and in. We feel nostalgic when we see them.
How do you dance with disposability throughout your day? What/who do you dismiss or forget? What do you no longer pay attention to or deem unworthy of your time? What/who do you take for granted? What/who do you see and ignore because it is uncomfortable? What/who are you no longer connected to? We can change moments and open worlds with our perspective.

Amelia Mraz graduated from Temple University where she studied cultural anthropology and psychology. Mraz loves to explore culture, society, and human behavior through visual form. She believes images to be a very influential form of communication. She is especially interested in exploring and telling the stories of forgotten or marginalized experiences and perspectives through images. Images have the power to make us feel and think at the same time. Employing these two parts of the brain together has the power to change belief systems.

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